STRESS Is Stopping Your Progress

STRESS Is Stopping Your Progress

Don't let STRESS stop your progress!

Why Stress Is Hard To Recognize

One important thing you should know about stress is that, contrary to what most people think, it is not really a negative thing. As human beings we are all bound to experience stress at one point or the other in our lives, and the truth is, we may not be able to survive without it. Stress makes you feel excited and with great excitement comes more productivity and an increased level of performance in daily activities.

Nonetheless, stress becomes a huge problem when you can no longer handle it or cope with the anxiety it brings. What’s even more dangerous is the fact that we usually don’t realize that our ability to manage is waning.

Extreme stress can be revealed in different ways, and you may not always be able to determine if your symptoms are caused by much strain or incomplete recovery. You may accuse your diet for the diarrhea you’re experiencing or take drugs for your insomnia, but both conditions might actually be symptoms of excessive stress. The symptoms of extreme stress are unique with each individual, however, the stress response is a psychological experience that can be examined and measured.

The symptoms of extreme stress are usually categorized into four groups; they are: emotional, behavioral, cognitive, and physical.

Physical: You may experience headaches, stomach upset, etc.
Emotional: This includes depression, anxiety, etc.
Behavioural: Signs include appetite loss, nervousness, etc.
Cognitive: You may suffer from memory loss, inability to focus etc.
Even though the aforementioned symptoms are usually evident, most people still find it hard to recognize stress. Here are some reasons why.

Stress Doesn’t Only Come From Negative Things

You probably don’t recognize stress because you attribute it to negative things only. But the truth is, psychological stress can also emanate from positive emotional experiences like the anticipation of Christmas morning, the butterflies of a first date and the excitement that comes with a new promotion at the office. People don’t usually recognize the stress that comes with positive things, just like binging on chocolate cake, too much of positive experiences can also be bad for you.

It Is The Overall Load That Matters

As stated earlier, stress is caused by physical or mental factors and usually comes with positive or negative emotions. In most cases, extreme levels of stress are not caused by one big physical or mental factor but rather a combination of so many other smaller factors. Little problems sum up to create bigger ones.

Sometimes, in a bid to escape the effects of stress, most people end up creating new problems for themselves. For instance, if you’re struggling at work, it’s not always advisable to fill your leisure time with high-intensity exercises and other stress-causing physical activities. Rather than mounting more pressure on yourself, you can take a walk and relax for a while.

The key here is to recognize what you are putting your body through without even knowing it. Day to day trying to alleviate stress before it becomes extreme will help you manage a healthier lifestyle. Working out for some can do the trick, for others simply taking a step back and pulling yourself out of that stress completely by doing something opposite like watching a movie and eliminate how stress is making you feel. Even simple things as breathing, meditation, enjoying music and just plain having a good laugh can make your day stress free.

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