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Genepro Sample (2 pack)

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So your friend told you about "this great new protein that has no flavor, mixes in anything and has half the calories of traditional whey; with none of the tummy ache". We know what you're thinking "right.. that is not even scientifically possible". Guess what; it is! Don't forget that it took an apple and one smart persistent man to make way for gravity as a concept.

The world's first low calorie protein designed for weight management; Genepro is the answer to all your protein prayers.  It is a patented, government clinically trialed, and low calorie protein; 58.7 calories for an equivalent serving of 30 grams of protein!  With a 98% absorption rate there is no gastric distress making this ideal for anyone suffering for any type of gastrointestinal disorders.  Genepro is flavorless for ease of mixability into the food and beverages you are already enjoying with little to no impact on the flavor or consistency. And if that is not enough it is Organic and non-gmo! 

Do you hate choking down a protein shake? Does your tummy hurt from whey? Are you in need of a pure protein boost? YOU ARE GONNA LOVE THIS!

Professional tips: 

-Mix in your coffee creamer, then add coffee!

-Mix in your oatmeal, pasta sauce, macaroni and cheese or pancakes!

-Mix into your pre-workout!

-Dump directly in your mouth and chase with a shot of water(for the intense)!

-DO NOT mix into anything that is to hot to touch!

-DO NOT confuse flavorless with tasteless!

-DO read the clinical study on the "Genepro Info" page on our site!

-DO share your feedback and a review on our site or social media!

-DO help us deploy the fitness through nutrition movement and eradicate bro science!

-DO tell your friends! And enemies(everyone needs protein)